Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow: Oh Em Gee. LOVE It.

I am all over metallics like a particularly persistant rash at the moment, and I can't pass an Essence stand without eyeing - and usually purchasing - a few bits and bobs.

That's good news because Essence is so pocket-friendly, but bad news because I encounter a minimum of three different Essence stands a week just doing the regular messages shopping.

Well, in a happy collision of bling and budget-tastic, Essence have released a shiny new line of liquid metal eyeshadows that are seriously ab fab. I've been trialling shade 02, So Hot, which is a molten silver that I've been pairing with a gunmetal Lancôme shadow for an on-trend shot of brightness at the inner corners of the eyes. Team with a peach or apricot blusher like NARS Orgasm for an "effortless" fresh-faced look that's very SS10.


Metal Glam dries quickly to a super high-shine finish that doesn't smudge or shed its metallic load all over your cheekbones. Use just a little for a hint of shimmer, or layer it on for a more intense opaque true silver gleam. Either way, it's well worth the typically weeny €2.49 price tag!

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