Essence Sponge in a Tub: Removing Chipped Nail Polish has Never Been More Fun

I'm well aware that there's nothing worse than scabby looking chipped nail polish but, you see, I am just far too lazy (and almost always late) to remedy this ongoing beauty faux pas. As I scramble to pull my clothes on, dry my hair and slap on some make-up before I head full-sprint towards the Luas station, the last thing on my to-do list at 8.30 am is to start pulling out the cotton wool and headache-inducing acetone remover. Am I alone in this? I think not.

However, when essence (you know, that wonderfully affordable range that solves many a beauty complaint) decided to give us their 'Quick & Easy Sponge Nail Polish Remover', they made my entire rant above redundant - I no longer have an excuse to possess the nails of an eleven year old.

A handy little pink tub, this is the kind of product you can leave on your desk at work, never far from a fresh nail update. And who knew removing nail polish could be so much fun? Simply remove the lid, stick your fingers inside (I can fit two at a time) and give them a good squish against the sponge. A few seconds later and, Ta-Dah!, your nails are varnish free. Or, if you've made a boo-boo on just one nail, you can stick just that one in without worrying about affecting the rest of your freshly polished fingers. Ideal.


Apart from the fun factor and the fact that it's SO easy to use, this remover gets my vote because it's acetone free (if I can avoid harsh chemicals I always will) and doesn't leave your fingers smelling as though you've been at the vodka during work again.

No need for cotton wool, or worse, tissue that falls apart the second it comes in contact with the remover. No more awful spillages - you know, when you forget to put the lid back on, and it either evaporates entirely or spills over, covering your bedsheets with what smells like POISON.



The only downside to this little tub of magic is that we're not quite sure how we're going to sort out our tootsies. See, the Bourjois version had this sorted with their nifty little sponge. that lived in the lid (genius, pure genius). But with this offering, am I supposed to squeeze all five toes in at once like some sort of podiatric contortionist? Alas, my fat piggies are too big for this. Do I attempt to separate them and stick one in at a time? But how? Some of my toes are like conjoined twins; they do not like to be separated.

So unless you're rocking a pair of size 3s, this might be an issue, but as far as your fingers are concerned, this couldn't be better. And at €3.79 a tub, you're laughing.


Are you fed up of the hassle associated with nail polish remover? Will you be giving this a go? How do we solve the toe dilemma?

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