Essence Studio Nails: Minx on the Cheap

essence studo nails


Despite my competence at German more or less beginning and ending at "meine lieblingsgruppe ist Vox Populi" I got a sniff that cheapo Minx-alike nail stickers were incoming from Essence from (trying to) read German beauty blogs earlier this summer. Naturally, I immediately bombarded the brand's press office here for info. March was the gen on the Irish launch date at that point so I resolved to keep my excitement under wraps and hold out till I got the arrival date and price info that's relevant to us. Happily, that time is now!

Yup, on stands from this month - and permanent - is a 14-strong collection of foiled nail stickers for a mere €2.49 each.  Ok, so patterns can't rival Minx's massive selection but price definitely can - typically, a set of Minx costs about €30, and you have to go in-salon to have them applied. Essences' sticky foiled strips can be slapped on and removed at home.

Now, whether these are any good or not remains to be seen as all I've seen yet is images. I know Lynnie found working with Blixz a bit of a pain so I think what I'm gonna do - if and when I get these - is to blast 'em with a hairdryer to make them more pliable. Essence also recommend that you buy its special Studio Nails Fashion File for €1.99. It's below, as are the rest of the designs.

essence nail file


essence studio nails

essence studio nails

essence studio nails

essence nail art

What do you think? Would you say yay, nay or just rock one on an accent nail?

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