Essence Sun Club All Over Shimmer Brick: LUV U LONG TIME

I'm sure I've keened about it before, but one of the absolute worst things about living in London is the fact that I can't get my hands on Essence or Catrice over here. Apparently it isn't bad enough that I can't get Lyons Tea and Superquinn sausages; I must be done out of brilliant budget beauty brands, too.

*Pulls Peig-style shawl a bit tighter*

So when I came across an Essence stand in Palma on my holliers last week, I was all over it like Twitter on the news that Pat Kenny was jumping ship to Newstalk. In the end, after all my OMGESSENCE! calving, I only actually bought two little bits, but it was just SO NICE to be able to browse the stand. And one of the two bits I bought is my new favourite thing.

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It's their Sun Club All Over Shimmer Brick, which bears more than a passing resemblance to Bobbi Brown's iconic product at rather a bargainous price - I think I paid all of €3.99 for this block of stripey, shimmery, baked bronzey goodness. (Regular readers will know I really rate Essence single shade matte bronzing powders, too.)

Of the two colourways available, I went with the warm-toned brunette option (there's also a cooler palette for blondes) and I heart it so much that I didn't bother repurchasing my used-up-the-week-before Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer bronzing powder on the way home through Duty Free.


I KNOW. Duty Free. I'd practically have been making money. But the Essence is just that good.

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The shimmer is more subtle, healthy glow way than super bling, and gives a gorgeous natural-looking lift to skin when dusted onto the high points of the face where you'd usually catch the sun.

I could go on and on about how nice this product is, but then that would just keep you from your local Essence stand. Where you should be headed with the quickness to bag one for yourself.

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