Essence Volumising Lash Powder: Dupe Model Co Fibre Lash for About 2p

essence lash fibres

Well boy howdy, I thought, I've done heard it all now, was what I thought in a Country and Irish* accent when the press release ploppped into my inbocks from Essence.

Volumising Lash Powder!

€3.79 to fatten me fringe!

Here comes the science: "The latest innovation: this lash powder consists of synthetic mini-fibres for a breath taking, false-lash effect. In order to achieve the look apply your mascara on to the lashes as you would normally. Next dust a little lash powder on the still moist mascara using the brush included in the packaging. Finally seal the powder with another coat of mascara. The results: dramatic lashes with a real wow-effect!"


This, people, is Model Co Fibre Lash for about 3% of the price. Now go, go my pretties, and try, try.

UPDATE: this will be on stands in April

*favourite musical sub grenre since never

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