Evasive VS Invasive: have you had a non-evasive treatment at the beauty salon?



The stupidist things have been said to me at the beauty salon by therapists who don't know their arse from their elbow (as Beaut.ie Dad would say).

One of these is: "This is a great treatment. And it's non-evasive!"

Non-evasive? What the hell is that? The first time I heard it I thought we were just having a misunderstanding, vocally speaking. But no, we weren't.

Because even when I try to query this statement and ask do they mean non-INVASIVE (with a heavy empasis on the IN) the beauty therapist will invariably brightly twitter back:

"Yes exactly! Non-evasive"


At which point I normally give up and keep my beak shut.

I've actually seen salons advertise treatments as non-evasive.

Non invasive is medical speak and it refers to treatments that don't involve cutting you open with a knife or similar. Treatments like non-surgical facelifts and glycolic peels are non invasive for example. Facelifts are invasive. Liposuction is invasive.

But somehow it's got all mixed up and beauty salons describe facials as non-invasive as though this is now a big deal. Like duh -uh. (Of course some salons are super duper and staff are highly qualified, I'm only speaking about my experiences in other ones.)

Ever since salons started to offer botox they feel that they are able to talk the medical talk. They aren't.

But if you 're in the mood for a non-evasive treatment go right ahead!




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