Exfoliate in style: Beauty Nectar Detoxifying Crystals

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Fruity crystals in a deep pink colour. Bursting with all the detoxifying goodness of grapes...

Normally grapes aren't something I associate with health. Being as they usually come from a chilled bottle and are more likely to signify a descent into significent Tox (as opposed to DE tox).

But detoxing's what this gorgeous concoction does. Beauty nectar - isn't that such a fab name?
Scrub the sweetly fragranced salts all over, then get into a full bath. Soak for at least ten minutes (more, if you've mastered the aul turning on the hot tap trick with your toes).


It left my skin glowing and smelling great. Treat yourself to this Chianti bath two or three times a week every few months to purify and soften your skin.

This delight costs €31.50 from Natures.ie for a big 600g tub - sure to keep me happily scrubbing for ages n ages.

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