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The beautiful Natasha, a salon manager in Peter Mark, a Colour Degree specialist and a Kerastase Ambassador, will be giving us the benefit of her expert advice in all things haircare. If you've got any haircare queries or problems, let us know by emailing me at [email protected]


She's working her way through a pile of queries at the moment so it may take a while - but rest assured anyone who already emailed in is being given top priority!
So look forward to answers to these questions
- How do I get my hair like Maria's from Coronation Street?
- I've just had a baby and have no time to spend on my long, thick, hair. What products can I use to keep it looking good?
- I'm feeling adventurous and would like a completely new style - what will make me look ultra trendy this season?
- My hair is much thinner after having a baby. Help! What can I do?
- I got my hair cut into a POB and now I hate it! How can I make it grow faster?

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