Face masks

face maskThere are some products that you love so much that life could simply not continue without them. It may have taken years to find them but when you do it is worth all the false trails you followed, the discarded jars and bottles in the bathroom cabinet and the overdraft you took out to pay for it all. I have favourite brands – Kerastase, Clinique, Lancome, Benefit, Vichy... I’ve never become loyal to a particular mascara or moisturiser though – I like to live vicariously and try out different brands while I wait for the perfect product to appear. For hair I’m very fond of John Frieda – if I run out of Frizzease it’s a national disaster. Same goes for Kerastase shampoo.

It's funny but favourite products won't always be the most expensive ones. They do what they're supposed to do, they do it well and they WORK.

Total satisfaction is what I’m after.

So it's been a long hard slog to find the perfect facemask. I've tried every type - mud, peel off, self heating, blue, green, 3 minute, one hour... you get the picture.


I came to the end of my journey one afternoon while having a facial in a beauty salon in West Cork. Repechage Honey and Oat Scrub was what I needed apparently. It would clear up any imperfections (as if!) in the T-Zone while leaving my complexion glowing.

It works. It's the best. Get some.

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