Facial virgins #1: Georgygirl is first up to the plate

massage-facial.jpgWe're passionate in our belief at Beaut.ie that everyone should get facials. There's absolutely NOTHING like them for sorting out your skin and giving you a complete pick me up. But so many people have yet to discover the joy of a facial. They're facial virgins in fact. So, we're actively recruiting facial virgins to come forward - take part in the challenge and tell us how you get on. Is all the fuss really warranted?

But before we could launch our investigation Georgygirl revealed on the Blather the other day that she' was ahead of the game and had already taken the plunge. Here's her story.

"In my quest to do a number of new things before I'm 40 (learn to drive etc), I decided the first thing should be a facial.

"I had been sceptical about the good they could do, but was I mistaken!

"I went to my local beautician, Lorraine at Blush and it was lovely. The facial started with an examination of my skin and then a thorough cleansing, followed by a seaweed mask/peel/exfoliator. Then it was on to the de-blackheading! Next came the head, neck and shoulder massage, oh lord I thought I had gone to heaven! An added bonus was that the headache I had all day had completely gone.


"Then another face mask which was left to gel rather than set, forgot to ask what it was, soo relaxed at that stage, then more cleansing and moisturising. This all took just over an hour and cost €55.

"It was so good I have already booked my next appointment."

Yayhay Georgy! A virgin no more!

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