Fake it real good: Broadway Deceptions

These nails are the best evah!

Just like Goldilocks (hypothetically we must imagine her wearing false nails), I don't want nails too long or too short.

I want them to be Just Right.

On the way to Off The Rails I had a moment of horror when I saw my raggedy, chewed fingernails. Not to worry. I glued on a set of these nails in the car (someone else was driving, don't worry - even I am not that good at multitasking!). By the time I arrived at the destination I had a perfect french manicure.


An improved version of the original, the Deceptions short squares have a half moon effect on the base - so they look real. Honest - they look like your own nails - only better. And none of the horrible ravages of gel nails.

Bingo! You just can't beat these yokes sometimes, I love em. They just last a day or so, but sometimes that's all you need them for!

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