Damage Control

Aphrodite's recent post in praise of Broadway Nails Natural Deceptions put me in the mood for some stick-on nails to fabulise my paws.

It was only recently I learned that prying off fake nails is actually not the best removal technique [regardless of how satisfying the 'pop' is when they come off. Who knew?] So I made sure to get a tub of artificial nail remover while I was in the chemist. I also picked up a bottle of this Damage Control stuff, which you apply like a base coat before gluing on your modern squares or your sporty ovals. It's supposed to shield your natural nails from the ravages of the glue you're about to slather all over them and then make taking them off way easier.


I have it on at the moment under my pink petite Real Life fakes, so I'll let you know whether or not it's any cop when they come off... which hopefully won't be for another week or so!

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