Broadway Nails Damage Control: The Verdict

Right, so I promised I let y'all know whether or not Broadway's Damage Control worked. Well, most of my lovely fakes stayed put for an incredible 9 days. The stick-on nail on my right index finger did pop off on Day 7, but I think that was because it was under the most pressure when I was fastening and opening my ski boots. [Did I mention I was away skiing, ha..?]

I have to put their longevity down to the Damage Control stuff; usually I'd be missing 5 or 6 by the second day of wear. And after I'd soaked my falsies off [see, I know how to remove them properly now] my own nails looked to be in remarkably good nick. Not brittle or thin or liable to break at the slightest provocation, not even a hint of the top layer having been torn off or anything.


Big thumbs up from me!

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