Fake Tan Dilemma: Matching Your Face to Your Body

I've fallen into the tanning trap. I decided to warm up my palette when I had an event to go to and the dress I planned on wearing - which was a champagne colour with a hint of gold - would have just looked so much better with a tan. I used Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze Gradual Tan (aka the non-tanners' tan) and was glad I did. It's easy to apply, the fake tan smell is subtle and looks natural.

The problem for someone who rarely tans is what to do with their face. I applied the Cocoa Brown tan on my face (a very light coating) but I still just have to wear makeup, especially when I'm going somewhere special. My favourite foundation matches my natural skin tone but it's too expensive to buy a second bottle just for those rare times I tan.


Fortunately for me, the solution to my face tan woe came easily. My sister suggested Catrice 12h Matt Mousse Makeup; she loves it but she / we can only wear it when we have tan on because it's that little bit too dark. It's only €5.49 so it certainly doesn't break the bank but it's good enough quality and it lasts for hours. It needs a good dusting of transparent powder because it transfers really easily (don't go hugging anyone dressed in white!) and I added some bronzer to my face that I brought down to my decolletage and shoulders, just to tie it all together.


How do you tackle the face tan dilemma? Do you apply fake tan - the same one you use on your body or a designated face tan - to your face? Do you use a one stop fix, like MAC's face and body makeup? Do you forego foundation when you're tanned and let concealer and bronzer do the job?

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