Favourite Mac lipsticks: I'll show you mine if you show me yours

When I first started reading Beaut.ie, I was always surprised that they didn't show off all their Mac, like the youtube vloggers do. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, SHOW US YOUR COLLECTION! I cried, while listening to The Smiths and sitting around, not having friends.

Since then, I've realised that  there actually are other brands too: but, for my teenage self, it was the only make-up brand worth having. I've got bucket-loads of love for 'em, especially their lipsticks. I've called mine to attention and snapped a few pictures - have a look.

Saint Germain
First up we have Saint Germain, a bright cool pink with maximum opacity. Apply heavily for instant porn-star points or blot down for a wearable and pretty pop of pink. As it's an amplified creme, it wears really well - little fading and total comfort. Even if this shade isn't your cup of tea, I'd really recommend checking out the amplified creme range.

Snob is a mauve-ish lilac-ish pink with a satin finish. It's on the border between matte and creamy, so it wears well without drying the feck out of your kisser. I like to think that it's a bit mod so I go for huge flicks and a sheer foundation (Twiggy had freckles, I have freckles = I look like Twiggy) for the full sixties feel.


Viva Glam
Next is Viva Glam Nicki, a limited edition shade made in collaboration with Nicki Minaj herself. We've already posted on it when it hit the stores, and I rushed out and bought it just days after I saw how well it looked. Every cent of profits from the Viva Glam line goes to the Mac Aids Fund, so not an ounce of guilt was felt when I bought this. It is a bitch to wear, kinda dry and prone to getting patchy but the colour is just stunning so I deal with it by applying ALL the lip balm.

Creme Cup
Then there's Creme Cup - I think everyone has this knocking around in their make-up bag. This was my go-to everyday colour for months, paired with a clear gloss for added shine.  It isn't a very unique shade, nor is its formulation something to write home about. On this one, I suggest saving your pennies and getting a similar shade from the chemist.

MORANGE! Oh, I just adore this fella. Unusual, comfortable and surprisingly flattering, this is the star of my collection. If orange lipstick seems a bit too bold, just try it on - you won't be disappointed. For bargain hunters, Catrice have a really similar one, its name escapes me but I'd split my bets between "What Joy" and Oh Joy." Either way, you need to go orange your gob up - now!

Have any of these? What are your thoughts?

Oh, and after years of splurging at the Mac counter, I finally have enough empties to trade in for a new lipstick! Suggestions are very welcome.

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