Feets of Endurance

tip toesUnless you get your shoes hand made, it's very unlikely that every single pair you own fit perfectly. I know my own shoes range in sizes from 5 up to a 7 in some cases, and it all depends on the brand, the fit and the shoe type. Plus I have a fair few pairs I could have done with going down or up half a size in, but that wasn't an option. And isn't it so annoying when you have a pair you just adore but they're really not that comfortable to wear?

These little fellas might be the answer - beaut.ie reader Lauren e-mailed me about them (er, ages ago, I forgot about it, sorry!) and they're a great idea. They're called Tip Toes and they're part of Levante's Foot Petal rage. They're cute little flowers in your shoes to stop your feet slipping forward! This is quite frankly, a deadly idea.

They help to stop your toes from scrunching in your shoes, and from hanging over the end of your shoes when your feet slip forward. They also help protect the ball of the foot from developing calluses and painful conditions caused by wearing all types of shoes. You can choose from 4 shades (see pic above) and to use them, all you need to do is peel of the backing strip and the self adhesive will keep them firmly in place in your shoes.


A pack costs €6.25 from mytights.com - perfect for big nights out or special occasions.

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