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Ren Sensitive

I don't know if it was the cold weather at fault, but recently my skin has seemed to turn ultra-sensitive. Even my old favourite cleansers were making my face sting, so I needed something new. The problem is, I often find cleansers for sensitive skin are not really very effective at cleansing. Soothing, yes, but that's about it. And then I met REN's Calendula and Arctic Berry Ultracalm Cleansing Milk.

Designed to calm and soothe sensitive skin, while cleansing thoroughly, this cleanser contains triglycerides from Coconut and Palm Oils, which gently cleanse, while bio actives from Arctic Blackcurrant Seed and Arctic Seabuckthorn Berry Oil boost skin lipid content and preserve moisture levels. Adding to these, peroxidase enzymes from Fennel Seed combat pollution while flavonoids from Calendula help to leave skin calm and soothed.

This cleanser feels soothing as soon as I start to massage it into my skin and the oils remove even the heaviest makeup thoroughly. You can rinse it off with warm water, but I like to use a muslin cloth. Right away my skin felt soothed and comfortable, instead of stripped and raw.


The last time I bought Calendula and Arctic Berry Ultracalm Cleansing Milk here (REN is available from Clerys and Nue Blue Eriu, among others), it cost around €28, but you could also take advantage of the extreme favourable Sterling exchange rate right now and get it for €18.75 from hqhair.com.

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