The Irishman and the beauty salon

man cucumber

My sister got married abroad recently, and as is customary, practically the entire wedding party decamped to the beauty salon for mani-pedis the day before. Oh the joy of relaxing in a custom pedicure chair, while two therapists work on your hands and feet simultaneously! While the women relaxed and enjoyed the pampering, the Irish men hovered at the door of the salon, laughing slightly nervously whenever the suggestion was made that they join us.

The groom, not from Ireland, and my own husband, also not of Irish extraction, happily went along with us for pedicures to soothe their feet, worn out after a few weeks of flip-flop wearing. Even they drew the line at the proffered long-last glossy topcoat, however...


So what is the experience of Irish men and salon services? Are they generally up for it? Was it the group setting that made the men nervous this time? Are they more likely to go alone or with their partners? Let us know what you think!

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