Foundation - The Final Frontier


One of the things we constantly get emailed about is foundation.What's the best? What suits dry/oily/combination skins, are very common requests. We also quite often get asked, "what foundation should I use", and really, the reply is we can't give you a definitive answer. We can only tell you what we think works. So many factors come into play - skin type and tone, coverage requirements, personal preferences - and not least of all, budget.

But the one question that gets me time and time again is this: "What foundation will stay put on my face all day long, looking as fresh as the second I applied it, with no touch ups required?"

and the answer is ...



Blunt, yes, but true.

Lipstick needs to be freshened up and reapplied, gloss needs constant attention. So, why should base be any different? And equally, why would you want to use a product every day on delicate facial skin that adhered to it through thick and thin? I know I'm far happier to excuse myself, duck into the loo and do a bit of emergency work twice a day if needed, rather than contend with the skin problems long-wearing products can cause.

But it's not all bad news. You can do some things to make sure makeup stays put for at least a reasonable amount of time, and they are:

  1. It's essential to know your skin type. If it's dry you will need a moisturising product, if it's oily, an oil-free base is a must. Ask at beauty counters for suitable products, informing the staff your concerns and skin issues, and take note of their advice.
  2. You HAVE to use powder with liquid products. I'm talking a teeny, tiny, whisp of loose translucent, gently brushed across your face with a nice big powder brush, not smearing on compact powder with a yucky puff.
  3. If you have very sebum-prone skin, primers or mattifying moisturisers applied first can help. Be wary of using primer every day - many contain silicones, and they block pores and don't allow skin to breathe as well as without, saving them for special occasions is best.
  4. Acknowledge the fact you will need to touch up. We ALL have to. If your T-zone is shiny by 11am, then invest in some mattifying paper (MAC do good ones), or Benefit's Dr Feelgood, which dampen down shine without adding more product. If skin is dry, or you work in an air conditioned office, invest in an Evian or La Roche-Posay spray, like xgirl told us about recently. A light hydrating mist will freshen you up a treat.

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