3 types of highlighter and how to apply them for the best results

Highlighter has become a must-have in our beauty routines. We're looking at three different kinds, and how to apply them for the best results.

Highlighter used to be something of an enigma in the makeup world. It was the makeup artist's secret weapon for creating killer cheekbones, shaping faces and brightening eyes. Over the past couple of years, though, it's risen in popularity hugely, especially in Ireland. We love a bit of shimmer and shine. All you need to do is have a quick peek into makeup bags across the country to prove that!

The great news about highlighter is that it doesn't have to be expensive to be effective. What matters most is technique and application. So, today what we wanted to do was talk about the different types available, how to use them and get the best results possible.


Cream highlighters are becoming more common across both the luxe and high street brands recently. These are great for creating a very soft glow on drier skin types who find they don't need/like powder on their skin. My favourite method for applying these is with my fingertips, gently tapped onto skin. This helps the cream to warm up a little and blend more evenly.

If you prefer using brushes, opt for ones that won't absorb product such as synthetic hair/vegan versions.




When working with powder highlighter formulas, the most important factor to remember is that they're fundamentally a dry product, which means they'll last better on skin for longer periods of time (making them ideal for combination/oilier skin types). They perform best when applied to a freshly powdered/dry base - otherwise, you run the risk of them sticking or looking patchy.

For a soft sweep of highlight, a natural hair blusher or powder brush is ideal as it will diffuse the product. For more intense highlight, try a large eyeshadow brush or small blusher brush.


Liquid highlighter is the newest kid on the block (sort of). The original liquid highlighter is the classic click pen, which for years was considered more of a concealer. But we've since learned the error of our ways! Version 2.0 of liquid highlighter is a little different though.

Often referred to as highlighter/strobe drops, liquid highlighter these days has a more opaque finish and higher shine. It can be used underneath or mixed into your base for an all over glow. For a smooth, even finish a duo fibre brush is ideal for blending. When you're using it over foundation though, treat it as you would a cream formula, applying before powder.


Which kind of highlighter fan are you?

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