Friday Feelings: Have You Ever Been Judged Because of Your Makeup?

Just because you have an orange face but a white neck, it doesn't mean that you are a total eejit. Yes, you could have made a better foundation choice but hey, it's your choice. I know that I am not the only one to have had numerous beauty disasters along the years (and er, yesterday - mascara clumps happen!) but it's not just bad makeup jobs that people judge.

There is a trend for HD brows right now and I'm not into it. But that's just me; I've heard many the gal admire a Vulcan brow. BUT I know many the gal who has very strong feelings about such brows. Feelings of the negative variety. A lot of them have notions that women who sport the HD look (the strong brow, extra long lashes, airbrush skin) are trying too hard and are too trendy and that they all want to look exactly the same. Which, maybe they do. There is safety in sameness, after all.

Some women judge others on not wearing makeup, thinking they would look so much better if they filled in their brows or swept on a bit of bronzer. Interview guidelines generally suggest that women put on a little bit of slap because God forbid they turn up in their natural state.

A lot of men don't realise they are doing it most of the time, but they often make assumptions about women based on their makeup. On a night out recently, I asked male friends what 'look' they liked in a woman and of course it was the no makeup thing. I asked them to identify a woman in the bar we were in whose look they liked the best and it was the girl next door who looked fresh faced and fancy free but the women of the group knew that it was carefully applied makeup that probably took two hours to perfect. She did look great though.


There was another woman there with the most dramatic eye makeup that we were all highly impressed by but the guys - not so much. I'm not saying that we should tone it down to attract a man - not at all, it was just interesting to note what men think (or think they think.)

Appearance is only one part of a person's personality but how you present yourself is an offshoot of that and the reality is that most people notice the external first, whether it's fair or not. Have you ever gone to an interview sans makeup? Have you ever reacted to a person whose makeup you thought looked bad, or too much?


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