Q of the Day: How Has January Affected Your Skin?

Isn't it awful how we always want to get the first month of the year over with as quickly as possible? No matter how much of a Positive Patty you are, you've got to admit that January is just pretty damn grim and we can't wait to get it over and done with.

This month isn't just boring, it's bad for the skin! Post Christmas, i.e. post over indulging in food, drink and merriment, your skin is not at its best and not only that, the build-up of stress, the getting back to normality and the weather all take their toll.


Guess what January has done to my skin? Broke it out in a flurry of nasty pimples that's what! I'm prone to breakouts anyway but I'm pinning this down to upping my workout routine. Harder exercise means a sweatier face (hey, them's the facts!) and that's the way (ah ha ah ha) I don't like it. It will sort itself out though,as time goes by, but for now it's a right pain in the er, face.


So, let's gab! How has this cold and dreary month been to your skin - and hair while we're at it. How are you remedying it? Could you please share your tips and tricks? We'd be forever grateful!

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