Fur Realz: Pet Head by TiGi

tigi pet head

Living in Chicago a few years ago, myself and Himself arrived home from work one day to find one of our neighbours sitting on his front step painting his dog's nails red as if it was the most normal thing in the world.


I was nearly rendered immobile with a mix of shock ("WTF?!") and absolute delight ("brilliant! Proper crazy American-ness!") when I clapped eyes on the scene. This was a time before anyone in Ireland would have considered putting a crystal-embellished harness on a dog, like; a time when having a collar and lead in the same colour was about as fancy as we thought it was possible to get.


And  it wasn't some Paris Hilton-stylee handbag dog like a miniature Yorkshire Terrier or Chihuahua that was having its claws tended to, either: yer man was painting the nails of a huge Basset Hound.

I think of the pair of them every time I see mad/posh pet beauty products, and I reckon they'd totally go for the Pet Head by TiGi range. When I first clapped eyes on this stuff, I thought it must be a clever mickey take of the brand's Bed Head. However, these pooch products with their colourful plastic packaging all covered in the distinctive TiGi lettering are actually the real deal.

While I couldn't find an Irish stockist, a number of the products are available on eBay and it looks like TiGi's canine offerings aren't very much cheaper than their human ones. Would you buy expensive shampoos and such for your furry friend?

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