Game Set & Match - Do You Use Makeup Fixing Spray?

When I wake up in the morning and see that there's a light mist outside that I know is going to wreak havoc with my hair I don't grumble. I smile. I put a hat on and raise my face to the sky.

A short time ago I would have directed my face to the ground if a mist was in town but now I use it as a substitute for fixing spray because it's pretty much the same thing. It was the most incredible revelation one time last year when I arrived at work after gliding through the mist and instead of facing streaks and globs my makeup looked dewy and it ended up stayed on for way longer than usual. 

Unluckily for us (...) it doesn't mist every day in Ireland so I had to find an alternative. I use NYX setting spray in dewy finish and even though we weren't entirely enthusiastic in this review, I really like it and I do think my makeup lasts longer with it on. 

nyx spray

I also use Laura's trick for going from a day to night makeup look in a jiffy on a regular basis. It turns out that fixing spray is multi-functional!


I remember reading about celebrities who waxed lyrical about spritzing water onto their faces during flights and thinking that I could never do that because it would ruin the trowels of makeup I would inevitably be wearing. You never know who you might bump into at the airport! Unfortunately, flicking running tap water onto your face does not have the same effect. It's mist or nothing!

Jessica Alba arrives at LAX

I also thought it was a bit ridiculous to buy water in a can and not for the purpose of drinking. However, on the last plane journey I took I brought a can of Vichy Spa Water with me and spritzed myself intermittently. Not only did it make me feel more awake and hydrated, it made my makeup look nicer and last longer. Score!

So, the short story is I have taken to spritzing my face with a fixing spray as the final step to my makeup routine and now the question is - do you?

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