Garnier Fructis Hard Hold Hairspray

Wax and gel makes no impact on my barnet, so to weld it into place, this stuff is the best hairspray I've ever found. Now I know why it's called lacquer - indeed your hair WILL be varnished to your head and won't move unless you really try to mess it up.

The only downside to this stuff is you can't brush it out the next day - you do have to wash your hair, unless you're going for that flaky headed look. It's also pretty cheap, and because it really does work, you don't have to use loads in a failed attempt to get things to stay where you want them.


Oh and while I'm at it - here's a handy hairspray related hint - if you're wearing an unlined skirt over tights, spray a bit of hairspray up your skirt to prevent that 'my be-hosed legs are eating my clothes' look.

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