Gee Whizz, That's Fanny: Meadham Kirchhoff Nail Wraps at London Fashion Week

nail wraps

WARNING! Might not be 100% safe for work by the standards of your employer's internet policies.

When I saw the shot of Nail Rock's bespoke nail wraps for the Meadham Kirchhoff  SS12 show at London Fashion Week, I did a girly squeal. So cute! So kitsch! Not currently available for sale, the collection was inspired by MK's clothes (see below) and was  called A Wolf In Lamb's Clothing. Used on the models who walked in the show, those lucky enough to sit in the frow also got a set to take home for posterity.

I posted the pic to's Facebook, cute bunnies, deer, teddies, kitties and all, and promptly forgot about it.

Until I checked back later and saw the comments:

Is the third one from the bottom left what I think it is?


Haha Claire I just spotted that too! Eweeeeee Fanny Nail! Lovin the rest of them though. I would def buy them.


Oh em GEE! My breath was snatched away! (Literally). It IS a snatch! A cute cartoon one but undeniably a lady part. I nearly ruptured my own laughing and hastily checked the shots from the show itself - the rest of the cuteness was clearly inspired by the clothes but where they got the vadge from is anyone's guess.

Regardless, I say bravo to Meadham Kirchhoff - vaginas are perfectly normal ladybits and not remotely dirty so hey, why not celebrate them in a stick-on nail wrap-based fashion.

In fact, I'm left with just one question: if you get a set of ten can you call it the Vagina Monologues?



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