WATCH: Men: you're less beautiful than you think. The Dove video and the hilarious parody

Only 4% of women consider themselves beautiful. And Dove have made a video with a tinkly and sad soundtrack to make us feel even sadder and more insecure about that.

Yes we are our own harshest critics. Yes we do fixate on tiny things that others don't even notice - like little lines or scars or blemishes. But the cosmetics industry plays a huge part in reinforcing these feelings and Dove as a massive multinational player is just as guilty as everyone else. If not more so.

Which is why this video is, as Alanis Morissette might say, ironic. Don't you think? But lots of people find the video great and it's already heading for 7 million views on YouTube.

But no sooner had Dove released it then the parodies began.


Men you see have quite a different view of themselves. And this one is totally hilarious. I challenge you not to spit out your tea when you watch it.

I swear to god I cried laughing watching this one.

Cried. Laughing.

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