Gel lip masks are the beauty treatment of the moment if you’re after luscious lips

Celebrities have been using them for ages, and us normal-folk are finally trying them out.

With the weather still being a bit precarious, often it’s our lips that are affected the most. Constant Vaseline/lip balm application can feel like a chore and even get us slightly addicted. But there is a new treatment in town, the jelly-like masks are originally from Korea, but you may recognise them from Emma Stone’s Golden Globe prep in January.

It may look a bit weird, but they have become seriously popular in the last year. Similar to gel eye masks, they work as a one-use treatment that moisturise the lips. Just put them on for 15-20 minutes and voilá! The quick treatment has also made them popular for brides as part of their pre-wedding prep as  you can carry on with hair styling etc while you’re doing it.

When they first got people talking it was because they claimed to make your lips plumper, since then beauty bloggers have questioned this, but have given them rave reviews for giving them softer lips. We found a couple of brands in high street stores, and plenty more online from websites like


If you’ve tried them – let us know what you think!

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