Get a silky soft boyfriend at Kelly's Sea Spa (plus an E'Spa facial, massage and Serail mud therapy)

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A couple of weeks ago Trilby and her boyfriend had a fantastic time at the Sea Spa at Kelly's hotel in Rosslare. They put the spa through its paces and had some gorgeous treatments. Over to you Trilby.

"On the first day we tried the Serail Mud Chamber. This is a really fun one for couples. You're led to a private room (and yes you can lock the door...) with three dishes of mud - to be rubbed into the scalp, daubed on the face and smeared all over the body. The sexiness of this experience was somewhat diminished by us looking like we'd just experienced a weekend at Glastonbury or were about to go fight the VietCong in a fetid swamp or something... Seeing a grown man covered head to toe in muck getting excited about looking like Arnie in Predator made me laugh so hard i got a really bad stitch.

"Luckily enough the next part of the treatment involves chilling out in the adjoining heated tiled chamber; the warmth helps the mud dry onto your skin, exotically scented steam soothes and softens you, then a lovely tropical rainshower gently washes the mud from your body. Bliss. It's still necessary to avail of the showers afterwards though, as the mud really does get everywhere; this is great though as it makes every inch of your skin silky, silky soft. it's a lovely bonus to have a silky-soft boyfriend too!


"On the following day we both went to be pampered in the suite of individual treatment rooms upstairs. My boyfriend went for an E'Spa
aromatherapy holistic full body massage. To be honest he couldn't furnish any specifics other than it involved oils and being rubbed. But he emerged so blissed out that I was privy to a lack of running commentary usually only brought about by his mouth being full of food or the fact that he's asleep (and even that doesn't shut him up sometimes!) So thumbs up from both of us on that one.

"Meanwhile I went for an E'Spa house facial. The facialist was lovely, she briefly explained what she was going to do, and allowed me to
choose between different essential oils to determine the ambience of the facial. Thereafter she was quiet as a mouse, allowing me to relax
completely into the experience, which was just divine. This facial was particularly tactile in that there was constantly something delicious
happening to chill me out - whilst my skin was absorbing the face mask, soft hands applied the hair mask and gave me the most luscious head and neck massage. In comparison to other facials I've had, (eg Dermalogica, Guinot) this was more gentle and chilled out, tailored as much to mood as to specific skin ailments. It's definitely up there as one of my most enjoyable facials ever, leaving me with thoroughly rehydrated skin and in a blissfully zen state.

"After the treatments we were both led to a dedicated relaxation room and left to unwind for as long as we pleased. SeaSpa = heaven"

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