Glitzy Lips: will you be casting off your gloss for some lip tin foil?

glitzy lips

"Flirt, Kiss, Sip and Dip!  While fakers go flat, GlitzyLips™ keeps your sexy pout rocking" announces the Glitzy Lips copy triumphantly.

Little problem with this claim though.  Teeney.  You can't do any of the above.  These tinfoil lip transfers are water soluble and as soon as you start sipping and er dipping (what ever that may be) your lips will dissolve into the ether.

katy perry glitzy lips

Katy Perry "rocking her sexy pout" recently

Glitzy Lips are a sort of a nail wrap for lips and application seems easy enough.  Glue is first applied.  Then a strip of foil (it comes in myriad of colours) is pressed on and whipped off in a tache waxing type motion.  Any uneven bits can be rectified by repeating the process.


They last for eight hours straight apparently - providing you don't do any of the things with your mouth that it's actually designed for.  I suppose you could drink through a straw?

What we have to bear in mind of course with anything like this, is that this is all about creating the look.  So to be honest, if you're serious about your Glitz you'll just want to work the look and not even dream of letting something come near your pucker.

We've had Violent Lips (read Lipstick Left in Jane Austen Days), and all sorts of other lip transfers already and I've found them incredibly fiddly to put on and of course they don't last.  Will Glitzy Lips take off?  They're being rolled out as a salon brand so price will play a big part.

What do you think?  Will you be giving them a go?


Check out the Glitzy Lips site for more details and prices.

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