This new SPF moisturiser will leave skin glowing

Glowing skin is top of the list for most of us. So is protecting our skin. This new moisturiser promises (and delivers) both.

Glowing skin is our holy grail here at Beaut HQ. We will try anything that promises to deliver a dewy glow. Seriously, we love it all. Highlighters, foundation, masks... you get the picture! Basically, if it helps to deliver that little va-va-voom to our complexions, we're in. But we're also aware of how important it is to protect our skin on a daily basis - especially when products like retinol are included in evening skincare regimes.

So naturally, when a new Prisma Protect SPF30 moisturiser from Dermalogica landed on our desk, promising not only glowing skin but also protected skin, we squeed with delight. After trying it, we were hooked, and here's why.


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Prisma Protect SPF30 is a multi-tasking moisturiser working with your skin's daytime defense mode, so what's working hard behind the scenes to make this happen? . Intelligent Drone Technology targeted capsules ? deliver a photosensitive ingredient (exogenous chromophore) to the skin, boosting its natural luminosity. . Advanced Moisture Magnets ? provide all-day hydration for visibly smooth skin. . Matcha Tea (Camellia Sinensis) ☕ neutralises free radicals and helps to defend skin against pollution. . Avobenzone, Homosalate, Octisalate and Octocrylene ☀️ provide Broad Spectrum SPF30 protection using a blend of best-in-class chemical sunscreens. . A bio-ferment from Sage ? helps to brighten, soothe and even skin tone.

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The formula


The feel of this is not what you'd expect from a regular SPF. There's no stickiness at all for a start. It's lightweight and absorbs easily into skin, more like a primer than a moisturiser.

As you can tell from the name, the formula has SPF 30 broad screen and UV protection (always good). It's also enriched with ingredients including free radical fighting Matcha Tea and sage which helps to even skin tone.

The glow

A good quality SPF can never be discounted, but what makes the one a little special is the glow it gives to skin. It is a little like the finish you get when adding strobe cream into your foundation, delivering a slight blur to pores and lines as well as a highlighting effect. What's nice about it is that it looks natural rather than too Tin Man shimmery or "make-up-y". Throughout the day, the glow remained, never becoming shiny or oily looking.

Our verdict: Is your skin is looking a little lacklustre and you're on the hunt for a new SPF? This is a great choice. It's pricey at €70, but fans of Dermalogica will no doubt be in love from the first try.

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