Gone But Not Forgotten: Discontinued products you've never gotten over

discontinued products rage!

The worst time to discover that a product's being discontinued must be after the event. Well, that's obvious, isn't it: if you hear about it on the grapevine beforehand, you can stockpile and use the product sparingly and hopefully find a replacement before the inevitable happens and you run out altogether.

Merrily rocking up to a beauty counter to repurchase your favourite lipstick/foundation/moisturiser etc only to be told by the sales assistant, clearly amused by how you're, like, so two weeks out of date, that it's no longer available can be soul destroying.

Sometimes you can pick up random, recently discontinued gems in TK Maxx and on websites like Cheap SmellsFragrance Direct*, The Cosmetic House and fleaBay, but eventually even those sources run dry and you move on.

Unless, that is, you're like me.


I am borderline obsessed by one "gone but not forgotten" product in particular: Helena Rubinstein's Art Of Spa Energizing Power Sweet Sugar Body Scrub. I haven't actually used the stuff since, erm, about 2002, when it effectively dropped off the face of the earth as the brand shed its body products in favour of concentrating on skincare and make-up, but I probably think of it every time I do an all-over exfoliation because it remains my favourite scrub EVA.

Oh sure, there are lots of great body scrubs around the place but none of them smell as amazing as that one: it was like summer in a tub, uplifting and invigorating and fecking gorgeous...

I'm starting to get all upset now.

Take my mind off it by telling me if there are any discontinued products you still miss - pretty please?

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