Gorgeous Guerlain: Terracotta is Top Notch

guerlain bronzing powderGuerlain really do make the most swish cosmetic goodies, all gorgeously glammed up in gilded baroque packaging. Yum. Apparently Kate Moss, even though she claims to wear Rimmel, won't be made up with anything less than Guerlain's top notch gunk - and who could blame her, eh? Not I!

They're particularly strong on bronzing products I think - their Terracotta range is pretty damn comprehensive and there are products for face and body as well as eyes and lips. And they look so pretty. And of course, they're not cheap - the bronzer there on the left I saw for €33 tax free in Rome on Monday - and given that this is Ireland, you can bet your sweet ass it'll be a hell of a lot more expensive here.


But Strawberrynet to the rescue! They have 4 shades of this Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder available for €30.50 (without the fancy brush though), which they say is a 6% saving - but the discount actually quite a good bit more, given how much more expensive cosmetics are here.

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