Grae's back wax diary


After much evil persuasion from me, Grae finally took the plunge and went for a back wax. I can't help it - it's the divil in me. He brought a mate along to share in the pain - what did they make of the whole experience? Read on...

5.30 Meet for pre-waxing drink at the Morgan to peruse the different treatments. If you have zero pain tolerance, alcohol always helps.

6pm We arrive just about on time for our treatments at Stephen Thomas. We're greeted by Stephen who works solely by himself, which adds a friendly touch and means you will only see him if you decide to go back again and again. And don't worry about anything - he's seen it all.

6.15 Panic attack. Half of me is dying to ask him if it will hurt? Will I have horrible acne for weeks? Do I stay out of the sun? Is this right? What's going to happen to me? Am I making the right decision? Aaaagh. Then I slap myself and calm down.

6.16 I'm lying on the treatment table talking away to Stephen as he spreads the warm wax onto my shoulders. While Stephen is working, he continually talks to you to keep you distracted, and I have to say it worked.


6.25 After ten minutes I was done and I barely noticed. Ok, it wasn't without any pain but come on, you're having hair ripped out of your back! There is bound to be a little discomfort. Suck it up! You get a back that is smooth as and just a little pink and tender. I'm told not to shower for 24 hours to allow my skin to relax and to use a loofah to minimise ingrown hairs. Good advice.

6.30 All over. Back to the bar.

Tomorrow Grae will tell us how he got on post waxing. Burning questions will be answered. Did he want to rip his shirt off at every opportunity? Did anyone else?

Note - this is not Grae in the pic. He's much hairier.

Stephen Thomas, Coghills Court (off Dame St) Dublin

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