How to fake a salon blow-dry

One thing every girl needs to know is how to fix her hurr promptly. Here's how to fake a salon blow-dry in no time at all.

Life is getting busier all the time. When you are a busy executive/working mom/full-time mum/student/entrepreneur - the list goes on, you don't always have time to make your hair appointment. This is the story of my life. Fitting in hair-styling is actually a weekly issue for me. I often find myself with no time to wash and blowdry my hair, let alone go for a blow dry. It's a real problem when I have somewhere super important to be that calls for a glamorous look. So I'm going to tell you my secrets on how to fake a salon blowdry.

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The curly blow-dry

This is my regular, go-to hair look for an occasion if I need to get ready quickly in the morning. You know when you know you'll have about 20 minutes flat to get out the door in the morning but you want to look fabulous? OK, so it's kind of a freshly washed hair look but you do it in two stages that are both really quick. Stage one is the night before. Have your shower and wash your hair before you go to bed (saving you at least ten minutes in the morning). Just blast dry your hair and go to bed. No roundy brushes and slow blow dry necessary. Then, when you get up the next morning and use a wand to just put a wave through the bottom of your hair. This look is quick to do because the bigger the section you take the looser and more natural the curl. For thin to moderate hair you should be able to do your whole head in 12 sections - six either side. If you have a lot of hair, you might need to take smaller sections to get the curl to take.

The secret to making this look salon-worthy is to curl each section around the wand in the same section, away from your face. So start from the front on each side and wrap the piece of hair towards the back of your head. This gives you a loose boho wave in the bottom of your hair and it's really easy and quick to do.


The voluminous blow-dry

This one is the real lazy girl's blow dry but it works. What can I say, thank god for dry shampoo. It is a miracle beauty product. It has actually changed my life. Dry shampoo has taken me from greasy hair in a pony in work to voluminous fresh hair for impromptu drinks after work. If you're in a situation where your hair is greasy and you need it to look fabulously blow dried, you need a bottle of dry shampoo stat! Shake the can well, hold it about 20cm from your hair and spray it. You want to concentrate it at the roots and do it in sections so you coat all of the hair. Then work it in with your fingers until you can't see the white powdery residue any longer. Not only does it absorb the excess oil, it gives your hair loads of volume and it smells gorgeous and fresh.

Fringe benefits

If you've got a fringe, you can fake a blow dry by just styling your fringe. It's another lazy lady's way to fresh, clean looking hair. Simply wash and shampoo just your fringe and blow dry it in a couple of minutes with a round brush. Your fringe will be straight, grease-free and volumised and the rest of your mop can hide behind it. For the ultimate cheat, repeat the dry shampoo hack above on the rest of your hair and you will actually look like you've just stepped out of the salon.

Have you any other handy hair cheats you use in a hurry?

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