Hair Raising: New From Batiste is Batiste Shimmer

batiste sparkle

Listen up, Batiste fans! After years upon years of it being the most boring-but-necessary beauty buy ever and hiding shamefacedly on the bottom shelf of the hair product section at Boots, Batiste's had a Carol Vorderman-alike midlife reawakening and has been shedding its frumpy ways, re-emerging in a butterfly-style metamorphosis with a sexy new image.

Yeah, ok, that's probably enough ridic comparisons to insects and ex-Countdown presenters.

The original formula was joined by a tropical scent, then they added ones for coloured hair, plus a non-aerosol version which I haven't tried but which looks a lot like Frederic Fekkai's dry shampoo offering (except at a fraction of the cost) and during the summer they whizzed Batiste Shimmer into the lineup.


It's got SPARKLE! And SHINE! So if you find that dry shampoo makes your hair dull - it does - or you want a bit of GLITZ! for a night out as well as the requisite de-greasing, then this sounds like a good bet. In gold and silver, both have been out for a while and cost under a fiver - have you tried 'em yet?

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