Hateful Heels

cracked heel cream

We're planning on going for some pretty intensive medi-pedis soon (I hope the therapists have industrial strength hoof tools) but in the meantime, my heels are in rag order - as someone said on blather last week, they're like dirty cheese rinds. A horrible vision, but sadly - an accurate one.

I could sit on the couch at night picking little bits off them I suppose, but I don't think I'd have a boyfriend at the end of it, so I am liking the look of Scholl Cracked Heel Cream. It promises to show results in 3 days, and a vast improvement within a week.

It's a good idea to do something about heels if they're cracked or starting to be that way actually - quite apart from the fact they look yuckky, letting them get worse can lead to horrible things like split, bleeding feet - and that'll be a hell of a lot harder to fix.


You'll get Scholl Cracked Heel Cream in chemists and it'll be in the €8 region.

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