Hateful Hooves

Years of ridiculous shoe wearing have left my feet in a less than desirable state. I seem to be treating an endless succession of blisters, peeling skin, hard, cracked heels and various lumps and bumps. They're not fit for human eyes, so I decided I had to do something about them. I took myself off to the chemist and got a pair of Opal London moisturising socks. And paid six euro for the privilege. After I left the shop I realised I probably should have just gone to Dunnes or Penney's and gotten practically the same thing for €1.50. Oh well. These are special socks and so obviously worth six quid. Oh yes.

I had a trial size of some Aveda Foot Relief cream at home in the bathroom cabinet, so that night before bed I slathered a load of it on each foot - at this point my boyfriend's eyebrows were raising - and then put on the socks. His brows were up in his hairline at this point.


After about two hours of trying to sleep with squishy lotion between my toes I got out of bed and ripped the socks off, and finally got to sleep. So I think from now on, I will be wearing my moisturising socks during my 'leisure time' instead. Oh - and by the by, they do work, and that foot lotion is really good too, all pepperminty and nice.

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