Have You Changed Your Beauty Look for Autumn Yet?

It's strange. While summer tends to be the season where people ditch the slap for a more natural look (ahem, with or without makeup) the Look of Summer can be quite dramatic, especially if you're embracing bright colours that don't fit in as much during the colder months.

Saying that, even though this summer gone felt more like a whole season of Aprils we gravitated towards minimal makeup: BB cream, mascara and a slick of lip gloss. There was a moment when we thought that we could rock this look all year (it's so easy) the darkening days and cosier nights (we had a fire on at the weekend and it was wonderful. And we supped hot chocolate. Bliss.) are urging us back to smoky eyes and full brows.

And then, Kate Moss goes practically bare faced to the Burberry ss16 show in London. Note her brows, they've hardly been filled in! Dammit, what to do?




The same went for Laura Carmichael, who isn't even dressing for autumn yet, she's skipped ahead to spring! To us, however, no matter what trends are en vogue, autumn means plums, smokey eyes, full brows and all that jazz, but we'll ease into it with this sort of loveliness, modeled by Emma Roberts:


Oh, and if you're intent on sticking with the Kate thing, here's a tutorial for a lovely relaxed boho beauty.

What does autumn beauty mean to you? Will you be changing your look up any time soon, or have you stepped to the Fall side already?

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