You'll Love These Autumn/Winter 2019 Hair Trends

Your makeup and style should be on point for the new season with our Autumn/Winter trend guides so why shouldn’t your hair be, too?

Here are four key hairstyle trends for this Autumn/Winter.



Woman with plaits

It looks like plaits are back. The two most popular types being Wednesday Addams style braids or one long plait which falls down your back. 

The bonus to this trend being that you will be left with gorgeous waves after having your hair in plaits all day. 

This style would look best if clear hair ties are used as to not distract from the plait(s).  

Low ponytails

Woman with low ponytail

I’m afraid the days of high ponytails are over. This season it’s all about those sleek, low ponytails. 

Spice up this classic, minimalist look by using a bow or silk scarf to tie the hair together. 

For an elegant evening look, hide the hair tie by wrapping a strand of hair around it and securing with a bobby pin underneath.


Middle partings

Woman with long brown hair

Parting your hair in the centre is another classic hairstyle that’s back this Autumn/Winter. 

This look is simple to achieve at home and look great with straight, curly and wavy hair alike. 

Why not trying using a little bit of serum on the hair to add a healthy shine that will make your new middle parting look even better. 


Hair Accessories

This trend has been around for a few months now but it’s here to stay for Autumn/Winter - hair accessories are back with a bang. 

Hair clips and bands are particularly popular, giving us real Gossip Girl vibes. 

High street shops like Topshop, H&M and Penney’s are full of gorgeous hair accessories at the moment so I would get some while you can.



What’s your favourite hairstyle trend for this Autumn/Winter?

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