Hei Poa Unpronunceable Yet Nice Products

hei poa

Hei Poa - sounds like something someone with no teeth might say by way of a greeting - is a yummy brand sold on the fabillis HQhair. It's a Tahitian range and is particularly strong on bath, body and suncare products, and its not so secret ingredient is monoi oil - an oil derived from coconuts which has tons of moisturising type benefits.

If you're not so keen on the smell of coconut, look away now. Coconutty smells feature across the range, as well as other delicous tropical scents like blossoms and fruit oils. The product above, a shower gel tounge-twistingly named gel douche bain au monoi vanillier, is scented with vanilla flowers and promises to be gorgeously moisturising. Yum!


€17.25 from HQhair may seem a bit steep for something you'll wash on and off in the shower of a morning but in the absence of me getting any holliers this summer, I think I'm sold. If I can't go on holidays, my logic is that at least I can smell like one!

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