Ask Beaut: How to customise your foundation for summer

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Today we have an interesting beauty query from one of our readers all about holiday tans and foundation.

Dominic asks:

"Hi Aisling, my summer issue is that I go away a lot throughout the year, so because I'm back and forth from sun to rain my skin gets lighter and darker on a consistent basis. I really can't keep buying a truck load of different foundations to suit my skin every month. What are my options?"

Hi Dominic,

Lucky you, I wish I was away that much. You have two options, the first is ask the sales rep where you usually buy your foundation to give you a free sample of the darkest colour in the range of foundation you wear. Then, add a drop to your regular foundation to darken it up. When you get darker just

The more tanned you get, just add a bit more of the darker shade to bring the colour up to match your tanned skin. Basically, you are custom colouring your foundation every time you wear it.



The second option is The Body Shop carry lightening and darkening drops that adjust the shade on your foundation. I think they are fab and they're pretty inexpensive at €17 each.


Hope that answer's your question.

Happy Travelling!

Ais x


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