Holiday essentials: Great travel-sized product miniatures

I aspire to be one of those people who presents a minimalist, organised-looking plastic bag of liquids to airport security, ideally half or maybe three-quarters full with the bare essentials neatly decanted into clear screwcap mini tubs and maybe an elegant atomiser acting as a travel-sized vial of my favourite fragrance. The sad fact is, I'm simply not organised enough for that. Usually my bag looks like a miniature lesson in contained chaos, packed to bursting with products stacked as if by a Tetris master and not a millimetre of space going spare.

So I'm delighted to see that two of my go-to products have recently been rolled out in travel- and handbag-friendly miniature, since otherwise I'd still be trying to squeeze the full-size versions into that little overstuffed plastic baggie.


Dry body oils and fragrances from the brand were always good for carry on at 100ml, but they're now also available in dinky 30ml sizes (€17.50) which are (a) SO CUTE (b) super convenient and (c) a bit easier on the wallet than the larger versions. Find them in pharmacies and in M&S beauty halls.



This multi-purpose miracle in a tube just got downsized to a slender 40ml (€7.50) so whether you like to keep the repairing salve on hand to soothe irritated skin or use it as a pre make-up primer, you need never leave it behind when you travel again.

What products do you wish came in bite size to make packing a breeze?

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