How to: Use a Duo-fibre Brush for Blusher Application


I LHAVVE blusher. I have many, varied offerings. It's truly one of my favourite products and can really transform the face. Anyway, I could wax lyrical about the joy of rouge all day long (probably), but I won't. Instead, here's a bit of a tip for applying particularly pigmented offerings.

Above you're looking at a powder blush in shade 32 from Inglot - this is a really good price (about €12 from what I can recall, I picked it up well before Christmas), is a decent size and is a nice peachy coral that has quite visible sparkle - which is possibly the only thing I'm not madly gone on about it. Anyway, I thought it could be worth a punt based on the strength of the brand's other offerings and I also thought it might be a potential Coralista dupe.

That was all good: I also Bosco-d up my face nicely with it before I copped I'd have to use a lighter hand.

Gosh Duofibre

Out went my regular blusher brush and in came a duo-fibre, in this case a Gosh one I'd bought last year to see if it stacked up against Mac's 187. It didn't, but I noted at the time that it would be better for blush as it has a lot more give than the Mac one and therefore quails under thicker liquid products. For powders though, it's perfect. So out it came.


duo fibre brush

Here's a closeup of the head - see those white bristles? They're the key here. The fine tips pick up less product than a normal blusher brush, and that means you get a much more whisper-light application that's buildable as opposed to streaks of horror the Human League would be proud of.


Now, without wishing to teach anyone's grandmother to suck eggs, place the brush head straight down into the pan - not at an angle. Lightly turn it 180 through the product and bob's yer uncle.



There you go: you should have a light dusting of powder on the white tips. Now just buff this onto the apples of the cheeks in gentle circular motions - it'll look sheer and natural. If you want to add more colour, just repeat the process above. Simples!

Do you like using duo-fibre brushes this way or do you keep 'em for liquids only?

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