I just want to lie beside you and other likely stories

No ridin - I swear!

Kittykat told us about her first date yesterday and  she had us all in stiches.

After a hot and heavy goodnight kiss the date tried to persuade her to stay the night in his place.

"I don't want anything to happen" he lied "I just want to lie beside you."


"Yeah right" she thought "With no clothes on."

I don't think there's one amongst us who can't relate to that classic tale.  What lines have you come across in the desperate attempt to get you to stay the night?  From the old chestnut "I just want to wake up with you" and "I just want to hold you all night" to the "I prefer to take things slowly" and "I'll sleep on the floor beside you", I bet you've got some good stories.

Tell us all!

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