I Whish I Had Some of This

pomegranateShaving is a complete pain, isn't it? No matter how often you shave your pins, they're never smooth enough - let them go a few days and the new growth starts stabbing you in your sleep, let it go longer and you have to fend off accusations of being Gorilla Woman from your significant other.

The indignant feminist in me rankles at this big time because no one gives men a hard time for being hairy, while we really get it in the neck. And bikini line. Men of Ireland, and indeed, the world: let me let you in on a little secret - WOMEN HAVE BODY HAIR. Now get over it. If I can put up with your smelly socks n' jocks combos stinking up the laundry basket then you can put with me not shaving my legs for a few weeks every now and then. Oh ok, all the time.

And one of the reasons I can't be bothered with it as much as I might is the dearth of decent stuff out there. I've been through endless Venuses, Silky Mitts, gallons of Veet, disposable razors (yeouch), wax strips, Nads - the works. It's all a pain and it all feels like a boring, time consuming chore. Does anyone actually enjoy hair removal?

brushHOWever - looky here at this fancy stuff I've found. It's by a company called Whish who claim that their shaving products for women are "absolutely capable of nothing less than utter transformation". Oh oh? Oh Yes! Whish make gorgeously thick and creamy whipped formulations that are guaranteed to make shaving a delight. You can choose from lemongrass, pomegranate and almond flavours and all promise an unforgettable experience. What's even better is that you can also buy dinky jewel encrusted shaving brushes to lather the creams on with too.


How will we resist? Oh ok, lets not. This is an exclusive brand that's sold in fancy boutiques and department stores in the States, but we can partake of the delights too via mail order. A large size of the shaving cream is $32, and the brushes start a $95 (eek) - but they are only norjus. And being all pink and kitsch, they're also very beaut.ie too.

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