Ideal Christmas Present for the man in your life: Irish Spring gets a strong man fresh

A typical day in Ireland really. A spot of half naked homoerotic wrestling with another fine strong lad from the village, watched by an admiring flat cap wearing crowd. A steamy shower using a strong mans soap follows and a stylish tweed waistcoat draws a caress from a cailin besotted by the smell of a strong man

It's what every Irish man wants for Christmas. Irish Spring is the cheap ass soap range marketed in Amerikay with plenty of diddely ididely music and rustic images of cottages and donkeys.

A strong soap with not one but TWO deodorants for a strong man. And women like it too! Apparently. Since this ad was launched in the Seventies there have been plenty more Irish Spring ads - the latest versions thankfully much more ironic with raunchy cailins and new remixed diddely ididely.


Want to buy some for the man in your life? Course you do! Head over to Amazon where you can buy some at Famine era prices - 20 bars of Irish Spring for £11.87

Think you'll be getting some?

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