I'll Have Spuds With That: Uspa Potato Eye Treatment at Elysian Brows

There wouldn't be a salad served up in an Irish Mammy's house complete without a clatter of floury spuds on the side. "Spaghetti Bolognese ...?" queries a Typical Irish Parental Unit in dubious tones at the multi-cultural splendour of it all, " well I suppose I'd give it a try ... but ... sure where're the potatoes?"

No matter that a carb's a carb's a carb, in this country we all know someone who won't eat a frigging icepop without some form of tuber on the side.

So I was pretty tickled when I was in Elysian Brows on Dawson Street the other day. You may know the name from Elysian Therapy out in Leopardstown, and they've recently opened a new peepers-dedicated branch city centre-side. It's very nice, and the reason for my glee was a) my lovely newly shaped and threaded brows (which I'll tell you about next week) and b) the fact that they have a potato treatment on the menu.


Specifically, it's the Uspa Potato Eye Treatment. Here's the gen: "this effective eye treatment cools, refreshes and brightens the delicate eye area. A traditional Ayurvedic eye mask of nutrient rich grated potato releasing vital enzymes with subtle marma point massage eliminating puffiness and diminishing dark circles, fine lines and fatigue."

There you go, and all for €55 for 45 minutes of delicate, potato-based tending. I'm totally going back for one, because this treatment is firstly too novel not to, and I also really, really want to see if it works.

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