How to get a celebrity smile in three months (without anyone noticing)

We're on a teeth-straightening journey in the quest for celebrity chompers. This week is my personal experience within the first two - three months.

Both Hollywood and influencers have caused a big movement about the importance of a beautiful smile, and I gotta admit I was fully on board for my wedding smile transformation.

The initial fitting of my Invisalign braces was so wonderfully pain-free, - and it left me in a false sense of security. I had mentally prepared myself for a dull tooth pain but what I hadn't taken into account was the cuts inside my mouth from the plastic aligners.

I'm not going to lie; the first week was hard. I will say, that week my wedding diet was a cinch. I had no interest in eating or drinking; it was too painful. I struggled to drink even water without extreme stinging. Brushing my teeth was tear jerking. I'm pretty sure I consumed a whole bottle of Bonjella but even applying it was uncomfortable. My whole mouth was swollen as if I had had lip fillers - which can be a bonus for people thinking of going down the injectable route! I was asked if I'd had my lips done by my mother and some close friends, who were all pleasantly surprised when I told them it was Clear Braces.

After that first week, though, the pain went away. I hardly noticed the braces were even in my mouth apart from a slight lisp - especially if I was tired. I was to wear the aligners 22 hours a day, which sounds like a lot, but once they are in you really don't notice them.

What I loved about the braces, is that you can take them out when you eat, so you don't run the risk of food being trapped in them while you're eating. What I found great was that during my longest meal (dinner) I would just put my retainers in a glass with a Retainer Brite tablet then brush my teeth after dinner and pop them back in. The retainers are pretty much as good as new after.




Like anything, it's about developing habits. Once you get into the swing of things, it's so easy.

I got my braces at Dental Options. They've been great throughout the entire process but what I like most about them is how accommodating they are. They were so flexible with appointments, so for people like me who work six days a week, it's so great to know you will be able to get an appointment easily. Not only that, I was never kept waiting for an appointment. The place runs like clockwork which is amazing when you are always in a rush like me. 


I am so glad went with Clear Braces. I would have been way too self-conscious to get metal braces, especially with my job where there is filming involved on a regular basis. They are virtually invisible which really opens up the doors for adults who want perfect teeth and no down time.

For all lovely readers, you are still in luck as Dental Options are giving you a massive discount. Mention when booking and avail of €250 off Invisalign!

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