I'll Have What She's Having!!! NARS Super Orgasm


NARS Orgasm blusher is a cult beauty buy and regularly crops up on beauty editors lists of Must Haves, but it's a real love it or hate it product. Whether you wouldn't be without yours or have never really understood the hype that surrounds this peachy shimmery powder, I bet your interest will be piqued to hear that NARS have brought out a new jazzed-up version that has been getting rave reviews across the Atlantic.

Finally available this side of the pond, I've had a chance to play with both and can tell you that the new Super Orgasm delivers an intense hit of colour that's actually more pink peach than true peach, with small gold sparkles embedded in the blush that blend down to a shimmery glow when applied so that you don't wind up looking like a gilded glitterball. By contrast, the original is decidedly more sheer, and leaves an iridescent, nearly frosted finish.


This isn't a limited edition release, but it is proving mega popular - there are only two currently left on counter at NARS in BT Dublin. So if you've got €29 burning a hole in your pocket and fancy asking for a Super Orgasm, get there quick! (Straight face optional...)

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